Indoor networks are converging.  New technologies require more complete and accurate data to design, install and maintain these networks.  IndoorVu is the premier partner for the Wireless Industry, providing high definition simultaneous data collection.  


Complete rf network benchmarking

IndoorVu's ability to measure real time position in 3 Dimensions while walking through a building allows for more comprehensive data collection.  Cellular and WiFi frequency ranges from 150MHz to 6GHz.     


as-builts in Ibwave optimized format

IndoorVu quickly audits existing building documentation and updates those models so that the RF engineer can be confident the data he or she designs with accurately represents the as-built condition of the building.  

Floorplan files can be delivered in a format that is optimized for import (including wall material classification) into IBWave, removing the work required to model inside of IBWave.


360 Imagery with IV View

IndoorVu delivers high definition 360 degree imagery for the entire building. Having a visual reference of the building at their fingertips gives the design engineer and construction team the information they need to accurately and efficiently deliver a system that performs as designed.