The Systems That Power Buildings Of The Future Require Accurate Digital Models With A Variety Of Detail And Structure  

Faster, less expensive and more accurate than any other indoor mapping solution on the market.  

IndoorVu delivers centimeter precision with a range of up to 350ft . We can map large and small venues quickly with little impact to tenants and deliver indoor content to serve the most basic or complicated building challenges. 


IV Portal

Georeferenced digital building data at your fingertips. Delivered through an API for web and mobile consumption and direct integration.


High Definition georeferenced Point Cloud:

IndoorVu can rapidly create high definition, georeferenced point cloud data for the inside of buildings. With centimeter precision, the application of this kind of data is broad.



360˚ indoor Imagery via IV Viewer:

IndoorVu can deliver 360 degree images of the entire interior (and exterior) of a building.  Every image is georeferenced and is delivered through an intuitive web/mobile application called IV View.  



Environmental Data Mapping 

IndoorVu is not just a service to map the physical characteristics of a building. Oftentimes it’s the environmental or non-physical variables that are equally if not more important.  Variables like communication networks, acoustics, candle power, air quality, electromagnetic field and temperature.  The IndoorVu system is capable of integrating a number of sensors and delivering precise models of the current conditions of a building.